Hope When It Hurts

Have you suffered from emotional bondage? Ever felt you’re not worth it? Been disappointed with people you are close to who completely turned on you? Been persecuted and hated for standing on God’s Word? Need peace? Need hope? This series I am doing is about how to get through hardships and pain. We all will … Continue reading Hope When It Hurts

Beyond the Mask

My Review: I love watching this movie! It has so much action and adventure. I was literally on the edge of seat wondering what was going to happen next. The costumes in the story is true and accurate. That is how they were dressed back then. It showed on what redemption is about. It's not … Continue reading Beyond the Mask

Be Careful of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Some information is from Chick Tract’s comic called “Angel of Light” volume 9 on page 11. Though the scriptures are not mine, it is important to share with others to make them aware of false teachers and their teachings. Follow only God’s Word which is the Holy Bible. If you do not have the Holy … Continue reading Be Careful of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

When Your Thoughts Get the Best of You

When I got out of high school, I had issues of my thinking patterns. It was horrible. I thought about suicide. I know what you are thinking: Why on earth if you are a Christian, would you think about suicide? I allowed satan to put thoughts into my brain and I begin to think that … Continue reading When Your Thoughts Get the Best of You

What does denomination mean to you?

I don't agree with denominations as it causes a lot of people to be confused. It makes people think you are in a different religion or in a group. I personally just say that I am a Bible Believing Christian because I don't want to cause any confusion within the church or when people ask … Continue reading What does denomination mean to you?