77 Chances

Synopsis:A story about letting go. Jason Shaw (Andrew Cheney, Seasons of Gray, Beyond the Mask) has always dreamed of being a professional photographer, but since the death of his mother, his dream has been put on hold, moves back home to help his sister Eva (Erin Bethea, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, Letters to God) run … Continue reading 77 Chances


I go to Jesus Christ And he hears me when I talk to Him Every single soul he knows about We share our hearts, our thoughts, and our desires Jesus isn’t just my Savior He is THE healer He is my best friend He is my Heavenly Father Yes, Jesus Christ is my Savior!

Angel of Light: The Deceiving One

Who is satan? Satan is the deceiver of the whole world and he will kill, steal and destroy many people's lives as possible. He doesn’t want anyone to follow God’s way. He wants us to be in bondage. He hates us, as we are creations from God. God created us to have a relationship with … Continue reading Angel of Light: The Deceiving One

The Ambulance…What If?

My dad (Greg H.) actually wrote this piece that is written below. I’d like you to think about this . . . This could happen to any of us. It is a reality that we all must face. Let’s say all is well in your life right now, which I’m sure it is anyway. You … Continue reading The Ambulance…What If?