Twas’ the Day Before Christmas

Twas’ the day before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a child was happy
The children were waiting for a family to adopt them
The children were all in a row

The family chose a child, but one was left alone
She stood there still,
Hoping one day, to have a home

When the family left with the chosen child,
She went outside to cry and sank to the snow,
Her legs cold and damp
And wondered why no family wanted her.

But as she looked up
She saw a star shine bright
And the night began to glitter with snow from above

And her tears dried.

The moon was out and it snowed even thicker
As it touched her face, she felt everything would be alright
She felt her life was a complete mess and…
The foster mom came out and tapped her on the shoulder

“It’s almost dinner time, Sweetie,”
She said, “You should come inside,
You’re going to get cold in this weather.”
As she stood to her feet, the mom gave her a sweater
And as she came inside, there was no one to greet her
Just the girl and the mom sitting at the table
And one open space for the foster father

The mom smiled and the dad finally came home
She smiled at her and said, “Now eat everything on that plate-
You have a surprise for when you are done supper.”

The dad was done and sat in his chair
She went to the tree and opened the gift
A nice teddy bear all gift wrapped and a nice red bow at the top
The gift had a note taped to it and it said ‘I love you dear’
She ran to the parents and they embraced

As soon as everyone was happy
A knock was at the door
Her heart began to skip a beat
A young lady was cold and shivering
She allowed her to come inside
She gave her a blanket and some nice hot cocoa

As the young lady was all warmed up
Her smile was bright
The girl wondered what was up
The young lady said, “You’re my daughter. I was looking for. You look just right.
I remember that scar you have on that left eyebrow
Would you like to come home tonight?”

She burst into happy tears of delight
She gave everyone one more last hug that night
She would miss her foster parents
But she knew she’ll be alright

The young lady signed the papers
And they both went outside
She always wanted a home for Christmas
She just got one and she says,
“Have a great night!”

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