It is the Lord’s Doing

It all began in 2015 when I lost my employment. I had a lot of bills which needed to be cleared. I had school fees to pay, bank loans to clear, rent to pay and other miscellaneous bills. It is during this time that almost all my friends abandoned me. Nobody cared about what I was going through and the best they could do, was to avoid me and my calls. My children who were in high school, were often sent home for school fees. I became a frequent visitor of their respective schools to plead with their principals. The landlord got annoyed because of unfulfilled promises regarding rent. The banks also started sending notifications requesting settlement of the defaulted loans. On all corners everything was closing on me. I even contemplated committing suicide because I thought it was the only solution to my woes. Tears became a norm to me and many a times people thought I had running eyes.

I was born again and tried to seek God’s intervention through prayer. Unfortunately the more I prayed, the more my situation got worse. Everyday I woke up expecting a positive change only to get bad reports. Even though I am an experienced salesman, marketer and administrator, I could not secure any form of employment. If anything the only chance I got was being a casual laborer at a masonry site for 2 weeks.

One day as I walked along Thika highway I had the unusual chat. It was a small still voice and at first I thought i was out of my mind. It kept on asking me a lot of questions which I never answered. But there was this one question which has been in my memory since then. And the question went like this« why are you complaining that your friends have abandoned you? It went on; «This is my doing”. I am disconnecting you from your friends so as to reconnect you to myself” it continued saying. I am about to position you for a great comeback” it said. So it was the Lord’s doing and my friends had nothing to do with it. At that juncture, I realized that I was complaining about God’s dealings with me for my own good. I had to confess and repent and seek God’s forgiveness.

I had to change my attitude and the way I thought in order to accommodate God’s thoughts. The Sunday that followed, I went to church very expectant. To my surprise the preacher spoke of the need to endure all things to the end. This is because all things happen for good to those who love God. Job 14:7-9, John 10:10, Psalms 27:13-14 and Job 10-15. The bishop who was also present, talked of forgiving those who wronged us. I had no option but to turn to God and pour out my heart in total submission. That night I afforded to sleep well a thing I had not experienced for months. I also experienced peace despite the pressure I had and I knew God was on my side. I left everything to Him and worried no more. After that a lot of positive things started happening. Two friends helped me with some dollars which I used to partially pay for the school fees. Many of my former friends started contacting me. Some friends whom I owed money told me not to worry for they were ready to wait until I stabilized. I also landed a writing project worthy dollars.

In summation, we must know that God will do anything in order to draw us to Himself. He will make us be hated by friends and relatives in order to position us. He made Joseph pass through a lot of problems to position him to save his kinsmen. I order to go to the next level of glory we must be ready for God’s dealings with us. We should come out of our comfort zones or God will do it for us by force. Remember God forced Jonah to go to Nineveh against his will.

About Author:
Benedict is a writer/ author based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is born again, motivator, counselor and an administrator. Currently writing a book on humanity. He is a diploma holder from Emmaus bible school and an High school graduate.

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