Set Free From Emotional Bondage


My doctor had given me an injection for pains I had had in my knee about half an hour ago. I wondered why I started to feel a bit different. Suddenly behind a locked bathroom door I had passed out and an ambulance was now on its way.

The paramedics did their best but in a short time I had five seizures in a row. Waking up in hospital the head doctor told me I had had five seizures. I knew medically that after three seizures the brain would be starved of oxygen and cease functioning. “You should be dead!” he said. And I agreed. The power of agreement here did not work in my favor.

I was discharged after many checks. The next day I woke up with a belief that I would die very easily. Even lying on the sofa was difficult. I believed I would die if I turned over, as I relaxed. It was a nightmare. I managed to survive a week, without dying. By moving carefully I felt I managed to keep death away. At the same time I knew it was crazy and illogical. But I could not ignore this real fear.

After nearly a week I went to bed and prayed “God I can`t live like this!” I started to wish for what I wanted to do if I was free from this fear. I began longing to be free enough to walk in the city and tell people the gospel, about Jesus. I imagined me doing just that and something surprising happened. I physically felt the Presence of the Lord come upon me. So I continued imagining my “street evangelism” video. As I continued Gods presence stayed on me. I didn`t know if it was His Presence or His anointing to evangelize, by now it was too enjoyable to matter. The video changed and I was now preaching in a church and telling old and young alike how God could work through them to save others and how much fun it could be.

I was in control of the video. When I stopped imagining me preaching it would stop. But lying there in God’s Presence was too good an experience.  I must have lain there in Gods drive-in cinema about two and a half hours.

Next morning I jumped up out of bed “It’s GONE!!” The spirit of the extreme fear of death had been driven out of me and replaced with a defiant, bold roar of joy! Praise be to God!

About Alan Bowman:
I grew up in England before moving to Norway. In my teens I believed that every single person was born for a specific purpose. So I started searching to find out why I was born. I asked Jesus into my life and continue with Him. I like to stretch and challenge average Christian thinking so that it can be more true and not just traditional. God is exciting to both know and EXPERIENCE. God wants us to experience more of Him for our own good and so we will be able to share our ENCOUNTERS OF THE LIVING GOD with the unsaved.
You can find him on Google+ and YouTube

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