A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Faith and miracles often go hand in hand; sometimes when you least expect it. The day I saw my 5 year old son get run over by a speeding car was the most horrific day of my life.

Not many people believe in modern-day miracles. Although they might change their minds if they witnessed what I did. If I could go back and video-tape that horrible moment after all these years, I would. Not to relive it, but for other people to see that miracles really do exist.

I learned that day to be careful what you wish for because it might just come true.

After an exhausting day of preparing for a family trip, I took my two children, and a friend to a local roller rink. After exiting the car, I looked up to see my five year old little boy already across the street waving to me, and looking so proud that he’d made it over there all on his own. After I recovered from my initial shock, I yelled at him for disobeying the rule of crossing the street while holding my hand. In direct response, he started running back to me. He ended up tripping in the middle of the road and fell down. At that moment, a large black car came racing down the street toward him doing about 60 mph. I tried to run to him, but felt my feet cemented to the ground. I couldn’t move. In disbelief, I watched the car zoom by right in front of me, and in desperation, reached out my arm and cried, “Oh God!” Then I watched in agonizing horror as the car ran over my son‘s tiny body.

“Oh Dear God,” I thought. Am I dreaming? Did I just witness my son’s death? Please God! Rewind this for me! I can’t bear it…My thoughts were racing as fast as my pulse, yet everything I saw appeared to be happening in slow motion. “Everything happens for a reason”, I heard a voice inside me say. However, this was not one of those times I wanted to hear it. The last thing I needed was to picture myself at my own son’s funeral with well-wishers feeding me words of reason when there surely was no reason for this.

I’ve heard it said that right before we die, our entire lives flash before us. In this case, it was my son’s life flashing before me. As I stood there, too shocked to move, my mind went back to the day I gave birth to my baby boy and I held him for the first time. I recalled how wonderful he smelled, how soft his skin was, and his big brown eyes staring up at me. I promised to love and protect him forever.

My feet still couldn’t move. What took barely seconds to remember seemed like hours. My heart was breaking into a million pieces. I’d broken my promise to my only son. Now he was gone. How could I live with myself?

There was smoke coming from the driver’s brakes that had skidded nowhere near in time. Stunned, and in shock, I waited for someone to exit the vehicle, but no one got out of the car. It was pitch black, and had very dark tinted windows, so I couldn’t see the driver. Without even thinking, I turned around to yell to my daughter and her friend to “stay put” as I tried to prepare my mind to see what’s left of my little boy.

Slowly, I began walking, then shaking. All I could do was look at the ground, because that’s where I expected to see Justin’s maimed body, but when I got around to the rear of the car, and then the other side, I saw nothing. I looked up, rather confused, and my daughter yelled over to me asking if Justin was OK. I said, I didn’t know, because I couldn’t find him. There wasn’t any blood.

At that point, there’s no way to describe my angst and the feeling of dread pulsating through my body. Then I took a deep breath and got on my hands and knees and looked under the car. He wasn’t there either! I got back up, and just stood there, feeling like I was in a really bad dream. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him. He was STANDING UP on the curb of the side of the road he’d originally crossed over to. Feet don’t fail me now! I thought as I quickly ran over to him, and hugged him with all my might. He looked like he was in shock. I kept asking him, “How did you get all the way over HERE?” He just shook his head. I waved for the driver to go, and he did. Nobody got out of the car. After looking all over my son’s little body for broken bones, cuts, etc., I noticed he didn’t have a scratch on him. Not even from when he fell down in the middle of the street.

That entire day, prior to going to the skating rink, I’d been complaining non-stop about my kids, and how I must have heard the word, “mom” a thousand times. I kept muttering to myself that if I never heard the word, “mom” again, I’d be happy. I didn’t realize that until later, as I was putting my children to bed. I begged God’s forgiveness for ever saying such a stupid thing, and then I thanked Him for saving Justin’s life. My son is 26 years old now, and the light of my life.

This is how I know God is definitely in control, and yes, everything does happen for a reason. I learned a very hard lesson that day. One I know I’ll never forget.

Author Bio:
Mindy L. Wallace has been writing in a professional capacity for over twenty-five years. Her literary background includes owning and operating a successful desktop publishing business that began in 1990 with a client base that included the Gilda Radner & Don Shula Foundations. She became a published author at a national level in January 1995 with Endtime Magazine after writing an article about her son’s near fatal car accident titled: “Justin’s Story.” In 2001, she rewrote the story and titled it: “A Mother’s Regret.” It received Best Inspirational Award from Writer’s Digest that year beating out 19,000 other applicants. Mindy went on to work for two national magazines, as well as write a newspaper column for The Homeless Voice based in South Florida. Ms. Wallace’s literary achievements include writing and editing for: Disney, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Blu-ray, and ABC Studios. The author currently resides in Deerfield Beach, Florida. “No Time to Cry” is the true story of a single mother’s battle to survive in the wake left from the tragedy of 9/11/01. Her journey pulls you in from the moment 9/11 hit, thru a decade of vast employment battles, crooked employers, bounced paychecks and evictions only to culminate with a life threatening illness. This is also a testimony of her absolute faith in the One True God. Ms. Wallace lost everything in the wake of 9/11. This is her story.

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