I can clearly say this movie is based on the story of Samson. It’s what happened to him. It has a lot of the fighting scenes with Samson. Which is important because that is how Samson was. God gave him great strength to kill the Philistines back then.

Interesting facts about Samson:
~~The last of the judges of the Israelites (Judges 13-16)
~~Samson was a Nazirite who was from the tribe of Dan
~~His superhuman strength came from God as the Spirit of God came upon him
~~Killed the whole Philistine army (1,000 men) with just a donkey’s jawbone
~~His hair couldn’t be cut and no wine or alcohol was to ingest
~~His betrayer was a woman named Delilah
~~Lived in a cave in Etam

Samson’s Family:
Manoah –Samson’s father
Samson’s mother –name not mentioned
Samson’s Siblings –names not mentioned

Samson’s Lovers:
It was forbidden to marry Gentiles, in this case he wasn’t supposed to be marrying a Philistine girl
~~Fell in love with a woman from Timnah
~~Fell in love with Delilah after when his first wife had passed away. However, she betrayed him for silver coins

The Story of Samson is told in
Judges chapters 13 to 16
(New Living Translation)

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