What does denomination mean to you?

I don’t agree with denominations as it causes a lot of people to be confused. It makes people think you are in a different religion or in a group. I personally just say that I am a Bible Believing Christian because I don’t want to cause any confusion within the church or when people ask me.
I hope that many will stop labeling themselves and pull away from such denominational names and just call yourself a Christian. The way Yeshua intended for it.
I don’t believe in such names like Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, etc. In the Bible, Paul warned us to not do divisions in the church and I also believe that this is what he meant. I always see how people act and I find it very saddening. A lot people act as if they are the only right way to live: that the Baptist’ is the only right way. The Catholics is the only right way. The only right way is obeying Christ’ way, following in His footsteps.
I am simply just a SAVED BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIAN and want to follow Yeshua’s way and obey what He commands His people (Christians) to do.
No such thing as Baptist’, Catholics, Pentecostals, and etc. in heaven. God is wanting no divisions in the church and to follow His Word as it’s supposed to be.

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