Hope When It Hurts

Have you suffered from emotional bondage? Ever felt you’re not worth it? Been disappointed with people you are close to who completely turned on you? Been persecuted and hated for standing on God’s Word? Need peace? Need hope?

This series I am doing is about how to get through hardships and pain. We all will suffer in hard times and hurts we cannot control but there is HOPE in the suffering. Through Jesus Christ we can do all things. Not because of our strength but because of His strength through us.

This life is going to be crazy, we will get hurt, and we will be hated. The good news is…God knows what we are going through. He wants to help us in every way. He loves us and gave His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross to take away our sins and so when we repent of our sins, and believe in His Son, we will have eternal life. That is the HOPE we have. In this life, yes, sufferings will happen but take heart, Jesus is there. He waits for us. He loves us. He wants us to come to Him with all our problems and concerns.

When we hurt, God hurts.

Let God lead you through this journey. He has a purpose for you. He will use your hardships to help you mold into becoming who you were meant to be. With the pain we go through, we can help someone else who has been going through the same thing.

People are going to hate. We need to stand on what God says through His Word (the Holy Bible). When God takes sin seriously, we should want to take sin seriously too.

I know I am going to be hated out there and be called names. People nowadays hate Christians for God’s truth and righteousness. I want to be His light. It’s hard, yes, but the reward afterwards, is rewarding. I want to pray for my enemies. I want to love those who hate me. I want to make sure my lamp is shining for all to see. With God by my side, He makes me strong in my weaknesses.

I’m a masterpiece. He’s molding me through my pain and I hope many will see God in my life. My prayer through this series is that many will know God’s unconditional love and that there is HOPE WHEN IT HURTS.

Jesus Christ is OUR HOPE!

No matter what pain you go through, though it may be physical or mentally or just the average hurt and pain, Jesus Christ is THE HOPE!

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