Faith is the Key

Because you are now a Born Again Christian, we are to be set apart from the world. Which means we shouldn’t be indulging in the things that the world does. The Bible is our instructions in this life on how to live the Christian walk. It shows us what we are to do and what we shouldn’t. Never take the Bible as a “To do List or what not to do”, it’s simply how we should live our lives so we can glow, grow and how God wants us to be.

Faith is the key! When you became a born-again Christian, you believed what someone has told you about Jesus Christ, that is faith! You didn’t see Jesus Christ, but you believed what you have heard and because you heard the Good News, you now are saved through Jesus Christ.

You have faith to sit on a chair. You will not have faith, if the chair is ready to break any moment. God is all about FAITH. Faith is the key tool for the Christian walk. We need to have trust in God for all things. No matter what obstacle comes our way, we can know from what the Bible says is true. Because the Bible is true and is directly from God, we are to trust it and obey it.

It may be hard in this life because we are going against 3 enemies: the world, the flesh, and the devil. We all need to be close to the Lord in our daily walk with Him. Take the time to read your Bible daily, praying to Him about all things, and constantly be in tune with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is your Helper down here on earth. He will direct your path down here and will also be your Comforter to help us along the way.

–2 Peter 1:1-11–
God has given everything we need for living a godly life and has given us great and precious promises.

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