Ex-Satanists Finds the Truth…and the History of Halloween

John Ramirez was a demon worshiper who had spiritual power by demons. He was high ranking satanic priest in New York. One day, he got invited to church by his girl friend. He got delivered by demons. Now, he is preaching the Gospel. Watch his testimony! It’s awesome!

John Ramirez is teaching about why you shouldn’t be celebrating Halloween. I call it the satantic holiday because that is what it’s called.

Initiated into a Satanic cult as a young girl, Patricia spent her entire life fighting to free herself from the darkness and fear that plagued her. Desperate, she sought solace in the midst of one of her fears—church.

A little girl was actually used to “breed” babies for her father to SACRIFICE in his rituals as a satanist high priest!! See how she overcame this! Jesus Christ can change you

Interest in the ouija board drew Dean Ogden into the paranormal, but he had no idea what he was up against.

Glenn Hobbs’ testimony and understand a little more about the nature of this blackest of High Holy days.

She mixed Christianity with the occult and it led her down a spooky path…

“Halloween Trick or Treat” This film shows the dark evil side of Halloween that nobody seems to know about.

Ginger Howell started casting spells and reading tarot cards in her quest for protection and peace in her teen years. She had a few dark and scary encounters with Ouija boards, witchcraft, a coven and Wicca before she found true peace.

What started out as innocent fascination with a Ouija board turned Tara’s life into a nightmare…

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