77 Chances

A story about letting go. Jason Shaw (Andrew Cheney, Seasons of Gray, Beyond the Mask) has always dreamed of being a professional photographer, but since the death of his mother, his dream has been put on hold, moves back home to help his sister Eva (Erin Bethea, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, Letters to God) run the family business. He feels like everyday is just the same as the last and he’s struggling to find meaning in his life.

One fateful night he meets the girl of his dreams (Rachel Hendrix, October Baby, The Perfect Wave). But when their enchanted evening ends tragically, Jason awakes only to find that it’s the morning of the same day. He lives that day over and over again until he discovers the secret to break this cycle.

I personally enjoyed this movie. So there’s no action to it but their is a cute boy-girl thing, and it’s not dirty, nor sex in it. I watched it 2 times so far and I want to buy the movie. 😀

If you want to rent it for yourselves, click here

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