No One Wants to Die Today

Unfortunately, many want to go the way of the world because it looks fun and it’s engaging. No rules to go by. Make your own rules and no one can stop you. Rules were made to be broken. Many like the idea to do their own thing, even if it means to not follow their consciousness. To follow what everyone else is doing or what their parents have done. If others are doing it, it’s okay. It’s life. It’s what makes me happy.

That’s great that you want to have fun, but sometime in your life, it will stop without you knowing it. It comes whenever it wants to. You have no control over it. Your life is just a vapor. Living then it’s gone. One day you are innocently having a fun time with your friends and the next, a horrible accident leaves your friend lifeless on the pavement. Their heart isn’t pumping anymore. Their eyes closed. Lifeless.

They may be the friend who told you so many times about Jesus Christ and here they are, dead in front of you. You have no one to turn to or talk about your future plans. You are unable to have a one on one chit-chat about your life, how it isn’t going well right now. You want to know if there is any hope. But your friend is gone. Not coming back. Not going to be able to be your best bud at the wedding.

Your next thoughts come. Where is he/she? Are they still alive spiritually like they said they are? Here they are lifeless and you cannot ask them where they are.

You remembered your friend telling you that Jesus Christ is the Only Way for eternal life. Those who accept Him and believe that He died on the cross to take away the sins that you have done and that you just have to humble yourself that you are a sinner and need of a Savior, you will be with Christ forever after this life.

No one wants to talk about death. No one likes to talk about how they could end up leaving this life behind and leave those they love. For some it’s a choice to commit death to themselves, while with others it’s a sickness, old age or bad accidents that has happened. If you are living in a fun filled life, it can end very soon. You could die today, tomorrow or maybe 100 years from now, but still, you don’t know when you will die.

The only one person who knows is God Himself. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The one who made everything living on this planet. He knows when your time is up, when your life down here is almost over. But He wants you to find the perfect peace at the end of your life. He wants you to know His Son Jesus Christ. He wants you to know that it’s through His Son’s shed blood on the cross for you, that only through Him you can be saved. If you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross, raised on the third day and you humble yourself that you know you are a sinner, you will be saved. It’s that simple.

I can guarantee you, this is a deal you don’t want to miss. It never dies and never expires. It’s forever. When you die someday, you’ll be with Jesus in paradise. You’ll see those who have finished the race in heaven and celebrating. The angels even celebrate when one person is saved. Will this be you? Will you accept Jesus Christ into your life today?

If you keep putting it off, it may not work out as you plan. If you plan to say yes to Jesus Christ before you die, you may not have that chance. The best choice is to come and admit you are a sinner NOW. I had to. The Holy Bible says you have to. Jesus Christ is the Only Way and His way is the best way. No one can come to the Father but through Jesus Christ alone. No other doctrine out there can save you. No such thing as good works can save you nor if you go to church makes you a Christian. It’s through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I don’t want to repeat myself on this post, but death can come anytime…the question remains are you ready to meet Jesus Christ today if you die? The choice is yours.

Scriptures from New Living Translation

For those who follow godly paths will rest in peace when they die. –Isaiah57:2

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. –Romans 6:23

How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog-it’s here a little while, then it’s gone. –James 4:14

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