An Encounter With God

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives assurance about things we cannot see. ~Hebrews 11:1 NLT

Before I went to school in the mornings, my parents and I would pray before I would go to school. We always trusted God for my protection. It wasn’t traditional. It was our most important part of our lives to do every morning. We wanted to trust in God that I would be protected and safe going to school and coming home from a long day. We have done it ever since when I was walking on my own.

It was years ago (high school in the spring of 2009) as I was waiting for my friend to walk with me from school. Instead, she stayed at school hanging out with our friends. Instead of staying longer; although some days I would stay; I wanted to get home and relax, and do my homework.

I was walking home away from the business of buses driving by and the loud noise of students happy that it was time to go home, I put in my headphones (like many teenagers like to do). I started to sing and bobbed to the music. I focused on God and what he has been doing in my life, and just feeling relaxed as I listened to my tunes.

I was about to cross the busy street when I heard someone telling me not to cross. So I stopped at the crosswalk. The other drivers wanted me to go as it just turned red, but I stayed put. That is when a car which stopped had rear-ended by a driver who was not paying attention. The car that rear-ended had moved forward onto the crosswalk.

I noticed at that very moment when I was about to cross the street, that I might have been injured or hurt. It happened so fast that I was stunned…shocked.

I remembered that small still voice I heard and looked behind me and no one was around. Not even in the distance, or walking around. When I crossed the crosswalk, the only three words I was able to say was “Thank You God!”

My family and I were amazed. I was so happy that I listened that very day because what if I did get injured or hurt, maybe not severely but injured somehow. A vehicle is much taller and bigger than I am. I am only 5’1 at the time. I was smaller than usual. But no doubt it was from God who told me not to cross, or maybe one of his angels.

My parents and I continued to pray, even today before going to work and before we go out anywhere till this very day. From that day on, I only noticed one thing in life: Miracles do happen, when you believe and take the time to pray.

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