When I Was Afraid…

“This I declare about the LORD: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him.”
—Psalm 91:2 NLT

God listened to me when I cried to him for help.
It wasn’t too long ago as my family and I was going grocery shopping. The clouds were dark and I noticed we might get some rain. I had a fear of bad wind storms (sometimes still do but I trust the Lord to protect me).

Right away my dad has said, we will have to wait for the rain and the storm to pass by before we could even get outside. My family and I have to walk to go everywhere when we get a ride; it’s a blessing.

The storm was getting awfully worse as I stood there staring at it and wondering if it will stop, and instead of staring at it any longer to get myself more afraid; I went into my bedroom. I kneeled down and asked God something like this: “Lord if it is your, will please calm the storm so my parents and I can go do grocery shopping. Please protect our home. Amen.”

Within minutes, the storm calmed down and the sun came up. It was beautiful! And the rain also stopped.
As my parents and I went out, I was too hot. I said, “Man, it’s too hot out here.”

My dad just looked at me and grinned, “You asked for it to stop raining.”

That day as we were almost done, it started sprinkling. The dark clouds were began forming in the clouds. We believed that God would hold the pouring rain till we got home. Soon enough as we entered into our home, the rain came down…pouring.

Fears can take a hold of you. It makes you vulnerable and you feel weak. Though it says in the Bible, do not fear, our flesh still feels it. Our heart starts to pump faster, and shake uncontrollably…even may cause you to lose sleep over it. I have a fear too. With that fear, I get scared of bad wind storms, and the only way that makes me feel better is when I listen to Godly worship music with my headphones on. I also ask God to help me take this fear so I can have peace.

Trust Him in all things…even in fears you have. Praise God through the storms of life and situations you face. This is a reminder for everyone, including me.

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