When Life is Too Hard…Just Breathe

On Sunday October 30th-2016, I was coming home from work. The day went strangely crazy; not how I wanted it to end. I was stressed out and overwhelmed, feeling like everything was against me. Nothing seemed to be helping…a nice piece of pizza (nope, it didn’t make my stomach feel any better), co-workers trying to make me laugh (kind of, not really), did I feel God’s presence (nope, nothing). Sometimes we put too much on our platter and expect God to simply help us out. Why didn’t he help me…he was…I just didn’t recognized it at the time. Through all of that…someone has written a prophetic word for me of encouragement. When I got home, I cried simply feeling like I failed, that nothing got accomplished. Why was it happening to me for? Why was it that everything felt it was against me for? How can I live the Christian life when my co-worker saw what I was going through?

Through all that, God was quiet. The last hour before closing, inside, I just kept asking, “God, why me for? Why is it that I can’t feel you around me?”

I got home and my parents were there for me, comforting me. My dad and I talked for 2 hours…simply sharing my heart, my concerns, my love for people…who I feel that I am…felt like I failed in some way. In the midst after, the prophetic word came to me when I went on Facebook…I needed some encouragement and didn’t think that someone (who I didn’t know) no idea who gave me an encouragement word. I cried…realizing God was there for me. Through the quietness of the chaos…He was there. I may have not felt Him but He clearly said it through this person.

We may never feel God’s presence…his peace…or love but through the craziness of life…he sometimes is quiet…simply wants us to trust Him. It’s hard, I know I went through it the whole day…I kept asking “Why” but He didn’t answer.

He’s there for you…I don’t know you personally, or if I do…I hope you realize how special you really are. I love you and He loves you. God has a characteristic about him that people don’t quite understand…through trials and heartaches, he cares and wants to restore us. It’s hard to trust in someone if you don’t see them every day and if they are far, but with Christ by your side, He wants to help. He helps through different ways…through someone who you don’t know, friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend…God seems to know what you need…when it happens…at the right time.

When you go through trials, don’t give up…it’s okay…take a deep breath and just picture Christ, holding your hand until the end of the day…

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