Suicide isn’t the Answer

I don’t want to share this but I have to…this is my testimony. This is why I share the Gospel…Here it goes…

The devil played with my mind after high school and kept saying to me that I am useless, I’m not “good enough”, I’ll never amount to anything. I almost started to cut my wrists and I had thoughts of suicide. It was a battle going within.

But I started reading my Bible again, prayed more and put my thoughts on paper. I have a loving family and I had God by my side. I knew that those thoughts were not my thoughts, but thoughts from the devil. I cried a lot and wondered if people cared for me. I lost touch with many of my friends from high school. Some hated me and deleted me from their life. My only hope is that they come to grips that Jesus Christ is the way.

I no longer have those bad thoughts. I no longer want to try to kill myself. I am thankful for what Jesus Christ did for me. He died on the tree (cross) for me so I don’t have to. He gave me eternal life when I received Him. I am going into my eternal destiny where I really belong. I’m just on this earth to share my passion about Jesus Christ and what He done for me.

I may not feel useful in someone’s life but I know I need to keep sharing the Gospel no matter what happens to me. If it means I stand alone, so be it. ❤

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