No More Fear

Fears can take a hold of you. It makes you vulnerable and you feel weak. Though it says in the Bible, do not fear, our flesh still feels it. Our heart starts to pump faster, and shake uncontrollably…even may cause you to lose sleep over it. I have a fear too. With that fear, I … Continue reading No More Fear


It makes me glad to know that I can come to God about everything and anything. He listens to all of us…not just to a select few people. He wants us to talk to Him about how we feel too. When we are angry, frustrated, sad or even when we are happy. He cares for … Continue reading GOD LISTENS

Through All of It

We hear bad news and start to wonder why isn’t God there for us, why wasn’t He there when my son/daughter died because of a drunk driver? Why do I have cancer? Why is it me that I’m stuck in a wheel chair? I’m in pain after all these years and still aren’t healed? We … Continue reading Through All of It